Tooth Colored Fillings

compWhen deciding what type of filling you want in your mouth there are several things to consider, such as where the filling is located and why it is needed.  You and your dentist should decide together.  We feel both Amalgam (silver) and Composite (tooth-colored) are good options.

Composite (tooth colored)


  • Highly cosmetic
  • Can bond filling to tooth
  • More conservative preparation


  • Not suitable for large cavities
  • Generally shorter life span than amalgam
  • Not as strong
  • Condition of mouth may determine success of procedure
  • Very slight shrinkage from the tooth on setting, which could cause a minute space between the filling and the tooth, possibly resulting in failure
  • Not recommended for certain areas
  • Much more expensive and many insurance companies will not cover the extra expense
  • Possible postoperative sensitivity
  • Not suitable for restorations where a heavy bite is found
  • Premature deterioration when exposed to excessive daily alcohol consumption
  • Polymer degradation, resulting in the release of formaldehyde over time, which has not been proven to be harmful