Complete Dentures:

At times it is necessary for all teeth to be removed due to extensive periodontal disease and/or due to decay. An alternative for the replacement of all the teeth is a complete upper and/or lower denture. These dentures require support from your gum pad and many times require the use of dental adhesive. Throughout life the dentures require constant adjustment and refitting. They also cause the jaw bone to melt away making the dentures loose and once again requiring continuous adjustment.



DenturePartial Dentures:

This type of alternative replaces teeth that are missing. It is made of metal with hooks that grab teeth for support. Unfortunately the hooks have a tendency to loosen up the teeth and partial dentures have the tendency to get loose and require multiple adjustments through the years. Additionally the partial plate can press into the gum tissue and cause sores. The partial plate must be taken in and out each day to be cleaned.  Once a patient grows accustomed to their new prosthesis, the partial removable denture serves as an excellent treatment option to restore function, esthetics and comfort.